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securing your assets

You don’t have to be a business owner to be concerned about whether your assets are protected or left unintentionally vulnerable. A number of incidents can happen to you in your life that can result in someone targeting your house, car, boat, or anything else you own of value. Learn more about specific threats and how to sidestep probate when it comes to estate planning.

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What assets need protection?

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From a Business Perspective

Is there a chance someone can accuse you of trademark infringement? Or perhaps someone at your office accuses you of employment discrimination or sexual harassment. Various scenarios exist in the modern workplace that may result in you being hit with a lawsuit. While you may have meant no harm or disrespect with your actions, that’s not always a strong enough defense to keep someone from suing you.

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From a Personal Perspective

Say you’re going through an especially contentious divorce with a spouse who wants to ruin you in any way possible. Or perhaps you were in an auto accident that either your current insurance provider won’t cover or is so expensive that your current policy isn’t enough to compensate the injured party. In these types of cases, you may have to unload some of your assets to cover legal fees and a lawsuit settlement.

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Avoid Probate disputes

Your assets could become vulnerable if you don’t thoroughly plan your estate. For instance, if you have a will and it isn’t clear who you wish to leave your home to, some of your family members may take your will to probate court to see who gets your property. The final ruling could be against your actual wishes. That’s why you should ask, “Where can I find a dependable probate attorney to settle probate disputes?”

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The time to start is now

Even if you feel you don’t have much in the way of assets, it’s still good to take steps to protect them from lawsuits. With adequate insurance coverage, the right business entity for your business operations, and the correct retirement account, you can keep your assets in your possession. The right legal advice goes a long way in making sure your assets are inherited by the intended parties.